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Wonderful Indira Gandhi

The best PM in Indian History. She was and is the cause of much of the positive progress we see in India Today.

At one point of time, when i was a School Student; even i was fooled by these Fanatic groups to think that she was not right for our country.

These cunning and devious religious fanatics were also responsible for the Rift between Indira Gandhi and the Sardars (sikhs).

These Ambitious Fanatics Orchestrated Events to turn the Sardars against the PM to get rid of our noble leader. Even today the public do not know that these Fanatics were behind her assassination and the events later.

After much analysis i have realized that these Fanatics have been orchestrating events leading to the assassination of  Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. They did it to clear the way to realize their ambition for unquestionable power over India.

The terror groups, arms dealers, smugglers and unethical businessmen all are linked and help each other in their nefarious activities. Today India has become a victim to such a conspiracy.

Indira Gandhi was a firm and compassionate leader. India’s stature rose to an all-time high internationally during her tenure. Only now I understand the things she warned us about.

Alas it is too late, India has fallen into the trap of these cunning and deceitful fanatics. We all have to be careful about these sweet talkers who want to control India with Money and Threats.

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