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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This is a Saffron Sacrilege or the Outraged Ochre. These two colors are Sacred for Hindus. They indicate the renunciation of worldly activity. The people who wear this are Holy Saints and Seekers.

Now political leaders wearing robes of these colors are not only violating the sanctity of this institution but also misuse their office by abusing power and money to steal the Vote Banks, lure the winning candidates of other parties and manipulating the digital elections with their loyal insider network.

These Asuras are the biggest threat to Bharath Mata. Indians in all walks of life should not Elect them again.

May the grace of Lord Ganesha be upon all those who resolve to free India of this dangerous Menace.

Dhong ki Baat

Mazzak ke liye Yogi ya Sadhu ka Nautanki kare; accha lagta hai.
Magar Asli Zindagi mein, Yogi, Sannyasi .. Neta Bane, Dhoka Hai.

Sannyas ki vesh pavitra hai, ise pehenkar Neta kaise hogaye.
Aajkal Desh our Pradesh mein, Bahut Dhongi Neta baan gaye.

Jago Insaan Jago, Dhoke mein mat raho.
Dhongi Yogi aur Sannyasi ka saat mat de.

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