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Vote for a Secular India

Imagine an India where all Religions, Beliefs, Castes and Tribes live in Peace and Harmony. A Government that is Impartial and Fair to one and all. Yes it is possible, a Secular Democracy for INDIA by Indians and INC Congress.

Only with INC Congress powered INDIA such a genuine Secular Society is possible.

“Anhoni Ko Honi Kar De, Honi Ko Anhoni; Ek Jagah Jab, Jama Hon Teenon; Amar Akbar Anthony.”

“Impossible things become Possible, Possible things Impossible; When this Trio meet in one Place; Amar Akbar Anthony.”

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Ghulamo ko Azzad Kardo – Slaves should be Freed

Do not trust Fake secular Parties or Groups who pretend to be Secular for stealing votes; by Abusing money & Power.

These groups and parties are Enslaving politicians from other religions, with the power of money and threats. Then they display a Secular Image to fool the masses. See their track record, they do not tolerate even the monuments of other religions.

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