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The Fight for Freedom

After Splendorous Indian Kings like Akbar and Ashoka; The Indian Subcontinent again became one big entity called the Great Indian Empire, thanks to the British.

Even during the rule of Indian kings, many parts of present India were independent countries. Only the British were able to bring together one large country called the Indian Empire, unprecedented in history.

The Indian subcontinent has always been made of many small kingdoms frequently at war with each other, or an Invader from Outside. Chanakya was the first to Attempt uniting the warring princes, to create a Strong Federation to counter Alexander.

When Mahatma Gandhi formulated a nonviolent satyagraha for the independence of India; he understood the extensive contribution British had made to this region. The development of India. Education, Railways, Post and Telegraph, Judiciary, Defense Forces and Police.

The British created and managed a Massive Administrative system spread over the Indian subcontinent with many offices, buildings and government systems. They even trained many Indians to be more capable of managing various aspects of the governing this large sub-continent.

Every time Gandhiji started a peaceful satyagraha in relation to a social or political issue. Right-Wing Hindu Organizations turned it to a Violent protest. This caused embarrassment to Gandhi and other Civilized people. Mahatma Gandhi became the scapegoat and got blamed for the Violence and even arrested many times.

These Right-Wing cowards operated in the sly, without direct involvement. They provoked, instigated and then quietly slipped away. They only wanted to hijack the freedom movement for their insatiable hunger for power, property and Gold. These Organizations were funded by ambitious businessmen who eventually wanted to control and exploit this great nation.

The British saw all these developments and split the Indian Empire to India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma. These Right-Wing rascals broke up the Indian Empire, which was built by the British and saved and salvaged by the great Mahatma Gandhi.

The British respected and admired Mahatma Gandhi and helped India Gain Freedom as a Secular Democracy.

If the Right-Wing bandicoots had their way; the India we see today would have broken up into small regions ruled by ruthless warlords. Even if they managed to keep the warlords together, a grand senate of religious fanatics would have controlled it.

Democracy would be dead and Bharath Mata would be weeping.

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