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The Diabolical Strategy

The BJP-RSS came to power in a dubious manner by causing Social Unrest and Communal Riots at a relatively peaceful time in the secular country of India. This act was against the constitution of India.

The Desperate Strategy was orchestrating the Historical Ram Janmabhoomi – Babri Masjid – Gujarat Riots sequence of interrelated events; in a deviously well planned manner.

They Aroused the emotions and sentiments of the Hindu population to win the votes and come to power in a Diabolical coup.

Hence the BJP being a projection of RSS is not qualified to be a Political party in India and should be disqualified and dissolved.

The RSS and other related groups should be disbanded as they are illegal Antinational outfits. They have committed crime against the Secular Nation of India and its People by violating Democracy.

Excerpts from Wikipedia

In 1992, the demolition of the Babri Masjid by Hindu nationalists triggered widespread Hindu-Muslim violence.

2002 Gujarat riots

“Though officially classified as a communalist riot, the events of 2002 have been described as a pogrom by many scholars, with some commentators alleging that the attacks had been planned, with the attack on the train was a “staged trigger” for what was actually premeditated violence. Other observers have stated that these events had met the “legal definition of genocide,” or referred to them as state terrorism or ethnic cleansing.”

“Scholars studying the 2002 riots state that they were premeditated and constituted a form of ethnic cleansing, and that the state government and law enforcement were complicit in the violence that occurred.”

to be continued …

do not support religious fanatics

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