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The Ancient Eternal Wisdom

Truth will Prevail. Vote for Indian National Congress INC.
Drive away the Hypocrites and Deceivers.

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Sanatana Dharma or Ancient Wisdom

सत्यं ब्रूयात् प्रियं ब्रूयान्न ब्रूयात् सत्यमप्रियम् ।
प्रियं च नानृतं ब्रूयादेष धर्मः सनातनः ॥ १३८ ॥

satyaṃ brūyāt priyaṃ brūyānna brūyāt satyamapriyam |
priyaṃ ca nānṛtaṃ brūyādeṣa dharmaḥ sanātanaḥ || 138 ||

He shall say what is true; and he shall say what is agreeable;
he shall not say what is true, but disagreeable;
nor shall he say what is agreeable, but untrue;
this is the eternal law.—(138)

From Wisdom Library – Manusmriti Verse 4.138

Sanatana Dharma means Ancient Wisdom from which Ethics and Morals are derived for bringing harmony and peace in Society. It has been reflected in the Code of Hammurabi, Sermon on the Mount, Buddhist Teachings and Confucianism too. The list is Enormous.

Sanatana Dharma applies to the Entire Humanity on planet Earth. It Shines brightly in Christianity and Islam. It applies to all Religions, on all the planets; where life can be found in the Milky Way.

It is also Akhanda Brahmanda Dharma. Animals, Birds, Mountains, Rivers, Planets and Galaxies follow this Dharma. Hinduism also follows this great Ancient Eternal Wisdom.


What do people who destroy peace in society know about Sanatana Dharma. They only know how to lie and cheat people. They wear the attire of Holy Men but rob the poor and the weak of their livelihood.

Vote for Indian National Congress INC. Drive away the Hypocrites and Deceivers.

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