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Tale of Two Gujaratis

Message to the people of Gujarat ….

Dhokla Kao magar Dhoka mat Kao.

Sirf Property, Paisa, Sona aur Chandi ke Moha mein; Bharath Mata ko boolgaye..

Aap galat rasta chodo, aur Mahatma Gandhi ki baat “yaad rakh”….

Congress INC ka saat deke, Swach Bharath Abhiman mein saar uncha karo.

One took the Indians to their Freedom,
The Other driving the Indians to Slavery.

One showed Indians the path of Ahimsa,
The other holds on to power by Threats.

One showed us the path of Simple Living,
The Other plays with Gold and Diamonds.

One brought us the taste of Democracy,
The other chokes our Voice and Money.

One Protected the weak and downtrodden.
The other helps the Rich loot our Banks.


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