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Become Secular and Broad Minded

We have to Create a Secular and Cosmopolitan India.
Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Adivasi Tribes Live Safely.
Where the caste, color, race are not for Exploitation.

Do not allow grabbing of Land and Habitat; of the Weak and Downtrodden.
Protect Harijans, Poor people and Primitive people.

We have to Set India free again.


To become Secular and Broadminded, go close to the truth, read about Meher Baba and God Speaks.

Books by Meher Baba

My Father was very fascinated by this book and asked me to buy many of them. He wished to gift it to his friends. I could not afford that, so i have added this link and image. Buy and read it, it must be good!

Anantha Narayan

Mahatma Gandhiji’s writings inspired me to pen this post, after seeing what was happening to my country over the last eight years.

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