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Save India oh Ganesha and Vetrivel

We have to release India from the grips of the BJP-RSS Government. The BJP-RSS have been ruling India for the past 10 Years, a period of Fraud, Deceit, Exploitation and Obsessive Tyranny.

Most of the over-enthusiastic unwarranted development was done to line their own pockets. Do not encourage these religious fanatics called BJP-RSS.

Please Vote for any party in the I.N.D.I.A Coalition powered by INC and save our Country, Mother India.

I am appealing to the two sons of Shiva and Parvathi to save India from the fake Hindutwa Fanatics.

To be Religiously Dogmatic is Uncivilized. It can lead to a Society controlled by Barbarians.

To be Broadminded and Secular is being Civilized. A World of peace and love, sharing and caring.

Vote for Congress INC to help build a Civilized Planet.

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Be united to save our Nation from slipping backwards into the Abyss of ignominious decay of Bharat, India or Hindustan. A degeneration of ethics and morals due to religious dogmatism.

Vote for INDIA INC


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