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India is The Best

East or West India is The Best – Salman Khan (Anu Malik) Sings a Patriotic Song.

Let INC Congress spread awareness From East to West and from North to South. Every Solider, Every Patriot, Every Student and Every Citizen of India should Empower Congress INC to Govern India in a Secular and Impartial manner.

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Do not be misled by the publicity blitz of the Orange-Yellow people. Do not watch the violent movies they have Sponsored that fosters hatred with our Neighboring Countries and other Religions.

Vote for Indian National Congress INC and make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister of India. Spread the Secular word, Restore the Ancient Indian Democracy.

India is the Best, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Congress Vijayi Bhava.- Let us bow only to Mahatma Gandhi

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