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An Ancient Secular Democracy

Image above – Nehru with members of the Interim government faction leaving Viceroy’s House after swearing in on 2 September 1946

It is extremely important to restore and safeguard secular democracy in States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh.

The people live in Insecurity and are subject to Emotional Blackmail due to the Religious Fanatics. People of different faiths should be able to practice their religion or rituals without fear or intimidation from others.

India an Ancient Secular Democracy

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Āmrapālī was a royal courtesan of the republic of Vaishali located in present-day Bihar in ancient India around 500 BC. One of the first democratic republics in the ancient world. The other one was in Greece.

The version of Hindutva of BJP-RSS is like a Virus that has infected Bharath Mata. The Vaccine that is necessary to save Bharat Mata is Congress INC.

Protect these states by choosing Secular Parties like Congress INC.

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