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Akhanda Brahmanda Dharma

Dear people of my country India, please vote for Indian National Congress INC and Rahul Gandhi. The Congress people are Impartial and do not favor any particular group, religion or community.

A Secular Democratic Government by Congress will ensure National Security and the interests of Indians in India and abroad. The reputation of Indians will be Enhanced as Congress has a Modern outlook.

Save India, Vote for INC Indian National Congress.

Religion should not be used to grab power, wealth or property of others. Religion is a means of understanding God or our Creator and moving closer to him. Unfortunately people use religion as a tool to control others and build their own wealth by unscrupulous means. Do not encourage such people.

Akhanda Brahmanda Canonical Dharma
This space is for secular and common wisdom that helps people go in the right path. This is for people from all Religions and all countries.

Pag Ghungroo Bandh Meera Nachi Thi

Aap ka to lagta hai bas yehi sapna;
Ram Ram japna paraya maal apna.

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Kya yahi hai Sangh ki Sanskar aur Neta ki Ahankar. Bolo sabko baar baar.

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